BuildHappy Managing Risk

This resource has been designed to help children and young people to recognise and understand risk, by recognising and understanding their value as individuals. It is suited to primary and secondary aged pupils with particular relevance for more vulnerable youngsters. The content is designed for intervention work with 1:1 support or small ... More

BuildHappy Hidden Needs

A trauma-informed resource designed to support children who have experienced some form of emotional distress; but who are not presenting with conspicuous behaviours that are obvious and explicit. It focuses on the necessity for children to be noticed, listened to and understood to minimise the long-term impact of the distress experienced, ... More

BuildHappy Mood Monsters

This resource has been designed for use within primary education as a specialist intervention to help children identify the range of emotions they experience, to understand how these emotions can affect them, to support the development of strategies for managing these emotions and to recognise the part they play in shaping their own future.... More

BuildHappy Dealing With Loss

The resource is aimed principally at children of primary school age who have experienced a loss of their familiar life through experiences such as separation, imprisonment of a parent/carer, bereavement, gender-reassignment of a parent/carer, job commitments of a parent/carer or indeed any other significant event that has disrupted the life ... More

BuildHappy 5 Ways to Well-being

This resource is based around the 5 Ways to Well-being, an evidence-based model that was developed as a result of the U.K. Government Foresight's 'Mental Capital and Well-being' Project. It is particularly suited to children who are struggling with friendship, poor self-esteem or positive communication.  The accompanying training ... More

Team Development Sessions

The BuildHappy Team Building sessions use LEGO® and other creative media to playfully explore the 5 Ways to Well-being; an evidence based model of what factors actively shape our sense of well-being. These are summarised as: Connect Take Notice Give Be Active Keep Learning Playing on Purpose Our sessions are practical and ... More

BuildHappy Living Well Activity Pack

A simple and fully accessible resource to facilitate meaningful connection and conversation between older people and their families and carers, using LEGO. This is not a medical intervention. The resource is designed to be an enjoyable, positive experience and may be used with other creative media if preferred. • Promotes ... More