BuildHappy Managing Risk

This resource has been designed to help children and young people to recognise and understand risk, by recognising and understanding their value as individuals. It is suited to primary and secondary aged pupils with particular relevance for more vulnerable youngsters. The content is designed for intervention work with 1:1 support or small groups.
A world without risk would not stimulate, excite or challenge us as human beings. Exploring our world, making decisions and managing the consequences of our choices helps us to learn, grow and develop the confidence to cope when circumstances change.
Life is full of risk, and it is crucial that we take risks in order to lead full and rewarding lives. The key is understanding what the risks are and knowing how to manage them, balancing the need for safety of ourselves and others, against the desire for exploration and wild abandon! What is an acceptable risk, what is potentially hazardous and what is downright dangerous?

The themes covered in this resource and accompanying training include:

• Connection, self-worth, and neuro-plasticity
• Exploring the difference between risks, hazards and dangers
• Examining risk and consequences and the exploration of healthy risk-taking