BuildHappy Hidden Needs

A trauma-informed resource designed to support children who have experienced some form of emotional distress; but who are not presenting with conspicuous behaviours that are obvious and explicit.

It focuses on the necessity for children to be noticed, listened to and understood to minimise the long-term impact of the distress experienced, and uses LEGO® building activities to explore:

• The language of emotions and feelings.
• Triggers and responses.
• Worry-management.
• Co and self-regulation activities.
• Self-awareness.
• Building Trust, Empathy and Compassion.

Whilst this resource is intended primarily for use as an intervention for small groups or one to one sessions, many aspects would work well in whole class PSHE sessions.


Click Here to download the BuildHappy BUILD-A-BUDDY game cards.




Click Here to download the Worry cards




Click Here to download the Vagus Nerve Buddy