Team Development Sessions

The BuildHappy Team Building sessions use LEGO® and other creative media to playfully explore the 5 Ways to Well-being; an evidence based model of what factors actively shape our sense of well-being. These are summarised as:


Take Notice


Be Active

Keep Learning

Playing on Purpose

Our sessions are practical and inclusive drawing from Thera-Build® theory to build meaningful connection, to support greater self-awareness and to develop creative problem solving amongst your team.

Sessions are delivered by Aly Thomsen (a LEGO® specialist) and Kelly Green (a well-being specialist) who are both passionate about promoting happiness and connection in the workplace.

Full day and half day packages are available either on your own site or at your preferred venue.

Get in touch to discuss your BuildHappy Team Building Session

What we offer

A free initial consultation to discuss your specific team needs and goals.

We tailor a bespoke package of support using playful media that best suits your requirements.

We’ll then deliver a fully interactive, creative and engaging session for your team in your chosen location.

So what?

Play is hugely powerful for people of all ages. Engaging in playful activity can be relaxing and a useful distraction from difficult emotions and experiences making it an excellent tool in promoting well-being. Play is useful. As Einstein put it, “Play is the highest form of research.” We generally associate play with children and educational specialists will readily evidence the significance of play for healthy development and learning; that capacity for development and learning doesn’t stop when we turn eighteen. As well as promoting exploration and discovery of how things work and how they don’t, play provides a perfect environment for building connection with others.

Suggested workshops might be:

  • Team-Building
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Quality Communication
  • Self-Awareness/Resilience