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BuildHappy Dealing With Loss

The resource is aimed principally at children of primary school age who have experienced a loss of their familiar life through experiences such as separation, imprisonment of a parent/carer, bereavement, gender-reassignment of a parent/carer, job commitments of a parent/carer or indeed any other significant event that has ... More

BuildHappy 5 Ways to Well-being

This resource is based around the 5 Ways to Well-being, an evidence-based model that was developed as a result of the U.K. Government Foresight's 'Mental Capital and Well-being' Project. It is particularly suited to children who are struggling with friendship, poor self-esteem or positive communication.  The accompany... More

Team Development Sessions

The BuildHappy Team Building sessions use LEGO® and other creative media to playfully explore the 5 Ways to Well-being; an evidence based model of what factors actively shape our sense of well-being. These are summarised as: Connect Take Notice Give Be Active Keep Learning Playing on Purpose Our sessions are ... More

BuildHappy Living Well Activity Pack

A simple and fully accessible resource to facilitate meaningful connection and conversation between older people and their families and carers, using LEGO. This is not a medical intervention. The resource is designed to be an enjoyable, positive experience and may be used with other creative media if preferred. • ... More